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Lawjack Wear Resistant Screw Conveyor Components

Lawjack supplies wear resistant screw conveyor components and custom coating services including thermal spray.

Brick And Clay Pug Knives

Lawjack applies tungsten carbide hard facing to high chrome pug knives. Wear life is typically increased four to six times beyond pug knives protected with electrode hardfacing.

Cement Plant Air Classifier Wear Liners

Lawjack fabricates air classifier wear plates with a 1/8” thick coating of tungsten carbide hardfacing. These parts typically outlast chrome alloy castings by a factor of three to one.

Brick Extrusion Die Inserts

Lawjack supplies brick extrusion dies with a Technocast® tungsten carbide liner that have increased die wear life up to seven times.

Fuller Kinyon Pump Screw Rebuild Service

Lawjack offers a complete rebuild service for Fuller Kinyon pump screws. Lawjack applies tungsten carbide hard facing to all wear surfaces, rebuild bronze bearing surfaces and dynamically balance the unit. Lawjack rebuilt screws achieve up to 6 times the wear life experienced with conventional hardfacing.

Barrel Bushings For Fuller Kinyon Pumps

Fuller Kinyon pump barrel bushings with a special cast tungsten carbide interior wear surface far out last conventional barrel bushings.