Lawjack Products For The Foundry Industry

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Sand Muller Components
Lawjack Inc. manufactures a wide range of sand muller plows, scrapers, beater bars and wear components coated with Technogenia Tungsten Carbide hardfacing. This oxyacetylene applied hardfacing contains a high density of tungsten carbide grains in a tough nickel chrome matrix that forms a metallurgical bond with the base metal and will not fracture or separate under impact from tramp steel or severe abrasion. Technogenia Tungsten Carbide hardfacing frequently outlasts sintered tungsten carbide tablets two to three times.

Foundry Core Sand Mixer Blades
Lawjack Inc. stocks for immediate shipment, 3 popular sizes of replacement mixer blades for core sand mixing applications. Blades are coated on all wear surfaces with Tungsten Carbide hardfacing and typically last up to five years versus weeks or months for OEM parts.

Aerator Pins
Lawjack Inc. manufactures and stocks popular sizes of aerator pins coated with Technogenia Tungsten Carbide hardfacing. Lawjack will manufacture custom sizes to meet customer requirements.

Continuous Belt Sand Conditioners
Lawjack Inc. will supply new or rebuild customer Aerator Wheels or Cutter Blade Wheels for continuous belt sand conditioning systems.

Screw Conveyor Couplings
Lawjack Tungsten Carbide coated screw conveyor couplings have a 1/8” thick coating of tungsten carbide at the bearing surface and outlast regular couplings 5 to 10 times.

Zirconia Screw Conveyor Hanger Bearings
Zirconia ceramic screw conveyor half bearings are made from non-galling Zirconia ceramic and far outwear conventional bearing materials.

Vibratory Conveyor Lining
Linard Strapbak is a wear resistant natural rubber that can significantly reduce noise levels from vibratory conveying of small to moderate sized castings. Linard Strapbak incorporates molded-in steel strips to allow for bolt attachment.

Urethane Rebuild For Muller Wheel
Lawjack Inc. provides a Muller Wheel urethane rebuild service with very durable urethane formulations.