Ceramic Products




Aluminum Oxide Tile Linings
Lawjack Wear Products Inc. offers a superior grade of alumina ceramic product at competitive pricing for a broad range of abrasive handling applications. Alumina ceramic tiles are available in a full range of standard shapes and sizes. Monolithic tubes and custom shapes are also available. Lawjack provides a full production service for the manufacture of tile lined chutes and wear plates.

Ceramic /Epoxy Wear Resistant Patch
Lawjack Wear Products Inc. offers a wear resistant patch compound consisting of a two part curing epoxy compound filled with particles of wear resistant silicon carbide ceramic. The ceramic/epoxy wear resistant patch has been used to rebuild abrasive handling components such as cyclones, elbows and slurry pump wet end parts.

Lawjack Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide
Lawjack R.B.S.C. (Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide) is available in cast shapes for lining cyclones, pumps and other abrasive handling equipment.

Zirconia Ceramic Half Bearings
Zirconia ceramic screw conveyor half bearings are made from non-galling zirconia oxide ceramic to CEMA style 226 and 216 dimensions and far outwear conventional bearing materials. Suitable for use with Lawjack’s Tungsten Carbide Coated Screw Conveyor Couplings.