Linatex Rubber Products

Linatex Natural Rubber is recognized world wide as the premium abrasion resistant rubber. Linatex 35 durometer rubber lining gives exceptional resistance to slurry abrasion as well as to wear from fine abrasive particles. Linard 60 durometer rubber is used to handle larger abrasive particles. Linatex is also used to coat feeder belts and for pulley lagging where its exceptional coefficient of fiction is a benefit. Linatex material conducting hose is ideal for abrasive materials.

Sheet Wear Resistant Materials
Linatex 35 Durometer natural rubber
Linard 60 and 70 Durometer natural rubber
Linaplus F G Food Grade natural rubber
Linatrile nitrile rubber

Linatex Conveyor Accessories
Linatex belt scrapers available in Linard and Dual Durometer Linard
Durable Linatex skirt board for belt protection.

Linatex Material Conducting Hose
Linatex offers a wide variety of hose constructions and end connection styles.

Linatex Pinch and Check Slurry Valves
Linatex pinch sleeves and check valve linings offer exceptional durability.

Linatex Linings
Linatex linings protect from abrasion, corrosion and noise reduction.

Linatex Fabrications
Custom fabrications do not need expensive moulds.

Linatex Moulded Products
Linatex moulded components outlast conventional rubber mouldings.
Linatex Target Backing
Linatex target backing is recognized throughout the Security industry for its safety and durability.