Tungsten Carbide Hard Facing



Technogenia Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing is a composite of very hard (1800-4000 HV) tungsten carbide grains in a 40 RC nickel/chrome matrix.This unique product offers 10 or more times the service life of chrome carbide hard facing and is widely used in the foundry industry for sand processing, the aluminum and base metal smelting industries for carbon and slag handling and the brick industry for clay mixing.

Technogenia Tungsten Carbide hardfacing forms a metallurgical bond with the substrate and is impact resistant. It can be applied to most ferrous alloys including high chrome castings and stainless steels and offers excellent resistance to corrosion. Application options include Oxy-acteylene applied cord, Thermal spray, special castings and Laser applied hardfacings.

Lawjack offers prompt fabrication of complete wear components and rebuilding of worn components to improve wear life and performance.