Wear Resistant Materials

Alumina Ceramic Tiles and Engineered Tile Linings
Lawjack Wear Products Inc. will supply and or install a full range of Aluminum Oxide tiles.

Chrome Carbide Wear Plate
Wear plate cut and fabricated to suit specific applications.

Epoxy Wear Protec Patching compound
Silicone Carbide filled Epoxy wear resistant patch material.

Laser Applied Alloy Coatings
Special alloy blends can be Laser applied to a variety of metal alloys.
For details on Laser applied Tungsten Carbide see “Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing” Section.

Linatex Rubber Products

See “Linatex Rubber Products” Section for details.

Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Components
Reaction Bonded ceramic components to protect cyclones and other equipment.

Sintered Tungsten Carbide tablets
Cemented Tungsten Carbide tablets.

TiC Coated Graphite components
Titanium Carbide ( TiC) coated high density graphite for wear applications in metal, glass, textile, paper and chemical processing.

Tungsten Carbide Hard Facing
Tungsten Carbide Hard Facings including brazed cord coatings and thermal spray.

Urethane Coated Components
Custom Urethane coating service. ( Foundry Muller wheels, rollers etc. )

Zirconia Ceramic Components
Non-galling Zircona creamic bearings and components for special wear applications.